Surash  Rajah Enterprise and Wawasan Nilai Enterprise is a  Commercial and Residential full service Landscape Maintenance Works, 
Hard and  Soft Landscape, Grass Cutting, Cleaning and Waste  Management   company based in Bandar Baru Nilai and Seremban.

  Now we are offering rental of RoRo Bins around Seremban, Nilai, Mantin, Kota Seri Emas, KLIA, and Salak areas. We are  committed 
      to offering superior service and using the most effective and  efficient methods and equipments at a reasonable  price. Our employee's
are highly trained and  skilled in Maintenance Works, Hard & Soft Landscape &Grass Cutting.

  Their dedication, knowledge, and experience are evident  in the diligence and care they exercise servicing the environment. We have 
 invested in the best available equipment and maintain them to the highest  standards in order to ensure safety and quality for our 
team members and  customers.
    Our daily goal is to fulfill the needs of the customers  by providing timely, quality services and products. The ultimate objective of  our 
          company  is to operate  a  successful landscape company by meeting the needs of its customers and  employees, while promoting 
professionalism in the landscape industry.